Who We Are

Lazzaro sources the best coffee beans from around the world in order to provide you with an unparalleled cup of coffee. All of our beans come from GMO-free plantations and are put through a rigorous examination where we test the quality and taste of the beans. Our roasting process is inspired by traditional Italian methods and recipes as we try to bring the taste of old world coffee into the modern world. All of our coffees meet ISO certification standards while still having an unbelievable taste!


Lazzaro uses the latest technology in coffee roasting, using modern machines to obtain a perfect roast every time. Our state of the art coffee roasting equipment allows us to control every detail of the roast in order to create a perfectly roasted bean that is consistent in flavor. While our equipment may be modern, our coffees have a classic taste paired with a little bit of innovation. You must try our specialty blends to find out for yourself!